The 2 Best Natural Cold Fighters

Winter has arrived on the island! Although it is not officially winter, there is snow on the ground as I type this. So like it or not it’s here. With winter comes lots of fun stuff to look forward to, but it also brings the cold and flu season. Something that just comes with territory in this neck of the woods. Like scarves, toques, gloves and the kids coming home all germy from school. Not to mention every time you turn around you hear someone say “it’s going to be a bad flu season this year” eye roll.

What if you had some all natural cold and flu fighters in your arsenal that actually worked?! I bet you would be a lot less worried about catching the dreaded cold this season. I have found 2 amazing products that have worked wonders for me and have stopped my colds dead in their tracks. They have worked so well that I want to share them with you!

My first line of defence is the Stop-It-Cold throat spray. This was recommended to me because it contains propolis, a compound made by bees to help them build their hive. Propolis contains polyphenols or more specifically flavonoids. Flavonoids are antioxidants that fight disease and damage in the body. Propolis is also thought to be very effective in fighting infections because of its anti-bacterial properties.St. Francis stop-it-cold throat spray

As well as the apparently magical propolis this throat spray also includes Echinacea, marshmallow, licorice, sage and sweet fennel. It’s full of immune boosting and throat soothing ingredients that will knock out colds before they have a chance.

I recently got home from a family trip to Disneyland, which was fantastic. But after 4 plane rides and a million surfaces touched whilst away I of course came home with a scratchy throat. Curses! I sprayed my throat that night before bed and it was instantly soothed. The next day I continued to use it every few hours and the day after that my throat was completely back to normal. Magic!

The spray usually does the trick, but if I’m feeling a particularly nasty sore throat coming on or other cold symptoms it’s time to pull out the big guns, oil of oregano. It has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Whew, that’s a lot of antis! There are actually more but lets just focus on the cold busting benefits for now. You can buy it in capsules or in straight up oil form. I have had some success with the capsules but to really get the job done, go for the of the mountains oil of oregano

I prefer the oil because I like to feel it burning away all the nasties that might be trying to populate my throat. This stuff tastes awful and burns big time going down, but it works. You will also have the added benefit of smelling like pasta sauce. I know that is highly unappealing, but hey so is being super sick.

Just four to five drops right on the back of the throat four times a day for two days is the typical way I use the oil. My throat is usually feeling better before the end of two days, but I just keep it up for added insurance. You can mix it with water or juice as well if you really can’t stand it. Although you might miss out on the advantage of topically killing the bacteria that are having a big’ol party in there. So man up and feel the burn!

The brand that checks all the boxes for what you want in your oregano oil is Joy of the Mountains. First check: it comes in a carrier oil to prevent irritating your throat and skin. Second check: the oil itself is produced from wild oregano native to the Mediterranean which is thought to be the most therapeutically beneficial. It’s also a BC brand!

My advice is get both of these stellar remedies, start with the spray and if that fails you hit it with the oil. The spray is much easier to take, but sometimes you need extra strength herbal power! And of course follow the instructions on the labels and consult your doctor if you have any medical condition prior to use.

Let me know about your natural cold remedies and if these two work for you!

Available at most health food stores or online. Links provided above!