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Welcome to Island Beauty Habits!

Do you like lip gloss and kicking butt in the gym? Good, me too. This blog is here for me to share my beauty, fitness and lifestyle finds with you! You will find many useful tips and tricks and solid product recommendations. As well as my always honest and totally non-biased opinion.

Growing up on beautiful Vancouver Island I have a true west coasty Canadian perspective. Natural beauty and a healthy outdoor lifestyle are where it’s at here. Which is where I’m coming from with a slight dramatic twist. Lets just say I may love makeup more than your average bear around here. It gives me joy and you have to pursue the thing that gives you joy, no matter what it isAbout me

” Joy Is The Most Magnetic Force In The Universe “- Danielle LaPorte

I was a dental assistant back in the day and always knew that it wasn’t my forever job. It did however lead me to meet my wonderful husband and that I am truly grateful for. We had a beautiful baby boy and I stayed home to raise him, which I feel so blessed to be able to do. But I had this longing to do something that I loved and that also allowed me to be there for my son.

Beauty and fitness have always been a passion of mine and I love to talk about it. I really enjoy sharing what I’ve discovered with my family and friends. From kickboxing to the most volumizing mascara. So I thought why not share it with you. After many years of should I or shouldn’t I start a beauty and lifestyle blog, I finally went for it. And here I am, doing it, crazy!!beauty about me

” It’s A Helluva Start, Being Able To Recognize What Makes You Happy ” – Lucille Ball

By living out my dream and creative purpose I also hope to inspire you to live the life that you want. Happiness and joy are contagious and nothing makes you more beautiful than being happy with who are. So pass it on!

Join me on this journey into the world of beauty and fitness. It’s going to be a forever changing and fun ride! Subscribe to the right to receive new posts!

xo Alana