My Adventures in Boxing at Knockout Fitness BC

Finally, a fitness update post! When I first started this blog I envisioned talking about fitness a lot. In the past, I would change-up my fitness routine like I would change my nail polish – often. So, I thought I would have lots of thoughts to share about different forms of exercise and how they worked for me. Then shortly after I started my blog I found boxing at Knockout Fitness BC. Since then I have been working out there almost exclusively and loving every minute of it.

me outside knockout fitness bc

I had never done any boxing classes before, apart from small amounts incorporated into random fitness classes here or there. And those small bits of boxing I really enjoyed. Even though I sorta knew I was going to like the boxing classes I still felt intimidated about going in at first, but I had no need to be.

Knockout Fitness is a boxing and kickboxing gym for all levels. For the most part I’ve been in classes with beginners like me and have never felt in over my head. All the trainers and clients I’ve met have been supportive and encouraging which makes the gym have a very lighthearted atmosphere. Basically it’s not a bunch of serious boxers.

bags at knockout fitness bc

Now I’m going to gush a little bit about my main trainer. Alexandra (we call her Alex) is a highly skilled and knowledgable Canadian champion boxer. She is a fantastically tough trainer but at the same time she’s funny and engaging with her clients. It’s that perfect mix that you always hope for in a fitness coach. Teaching you the correct technique is important to her as well as giving you a good workout. You will leave an accomplished and happy mess by the end of class, every time.

Since early December, I’ve been going (on average) 3 times a week to the morning boxing classes. Occasionally, for an extra challenge I’ll go to a 45 minute pure conditioning class prior to boxing. The conditioning class is mostly a HIIT style workout with the addition of weights or bands to improve your endurance and build strength. It’s an intense, fun, fast paced workout that usually has me dripping in sweat within the first 10 minutes.

me punching a bag

As far as the boxing class goes, we don’t just hit stuff the whole time. There is a lot and I mean a lot of conditioning training going on here as well. And apart from the skipping intervals that we always start off the class with, every class is different. The main workout room is small, (there is a plan to expand as memberships rise) but we have full use of the open area within Club Phoenix gym. And within that open area is some of my favourite gym equipment of all time. Battle ropes, a weighted sled, medicine balls and a huge tire that you can smash with a sledgehammer. We have yet to flip said tire, but believe me that’s something that I’m going to suggest. As opposed to regular weights, this gym equipment is exciting to work with. You’re throwing, smashing, pushing and pulling your way to a stronger more badass you. I personally don’t get that same instantaneous fulfillment from lifting weights.

tire and sledgehammer at the gym

After some interval training we will go straight into boxing. We might partner up, one of us with pads and the other with gloves for combo drills. Or we might do some work on the bags. The boxing element to class is always changing and evolving which makes it never boring and always a challenge! And I can’t tell you how fun and how effective a workout this is. Most of the time I’m laughing and sweating my ass off at the same time. I think Alex would probably like me to take things a little more seriously, but I can’t help it, I am not, by nature, a serious person.

Changes I’ve noticed in myself since starting:

• improvements in all aspects of my physical fitness including: strength, endurance, balance and coordination

• slowly but surely my punches are becoming more accurate

• my jump rope skills are dramatically improved

• my arms look ripped while skipping

• all my clothes fit and look better on

• being fit helps me feel stronger mentally and that is amazing for all aspects of my life

graffiti in knockout fitness bc

When I first started boxing I was just in it for the workout. But as time has gone on I’ve noticed that my technique is actually improving by no intentional attempt of my own (that is, without a doubt, a testament to Alex and her training). And that slight improvement has encouraged me to keep striving for more improvement, turning my workout into an actual sport I’m training for. Although I will most likely never actually fight anyone, I hypothetically could land a good punch and that’s bloody amazing.

So if you’re looking for the “next thing” that will get you excited to workout, boxing just might be what you’re looking for. You’ll never know if you don’t try! Whether it be at Knockout Fitness or a gym in your area, I’m sure you’ll uncover your inner fighter.

Knockout Fitness BC is located in Club Phoenix Gym in Langford BC