Anthropologie Christmas Gift Guide: His/Hers Stockings

I’m of two minds when it comes to stockings. On one hand they are fun to shop for, all the little mini’s are cute and fun to buy. On the other hand it can be hard to fill an entire stocking. You don’t want to just buy something for the sake of filler either. You want it to be something that the gift-receiver will use, appreciate and love.

I scoured Anthropologies website and picked out some terrific stocking stuffers just for you. I hope you find some gifts that you think will garner you some gift-giving cred.


Mio Gym Kit

No time to shower post-workout? No problem, the Mio Gym Kit has you covered. The clean slate wipes work for removing makeup pre-workout and help you freshen up from head-to-toe post-workout. Workout Wonder gel helps to combat aching muscles with all natural ingredients such as arnica, horse-chestnut, lavender and menthol. They also help to cut down the amount of gym gear you have to lug around too!


Luster Cord Orginizer

This Luster Cord Organizer would be so handy for travel. It comes with 4 different slots to store all your cords and a zipper pocket for anything extra you need to stow along. Pop this into your carry-on and you won’t be dealing with a jumbley, tangley cord mess.


Lollia Parfum set

Mini’s are super fun for stockings and a great way to try out a new brand. This Lollia Mini Eau De Parfum Set includes 4 unique scents in beautifully decaled bottles. Break this set up into four if you have lots of stockings to fill!


Pinch provisions minimergency kit

I can’t believe how much this little kit fits! An astounding 17 emergency items that can fit in your bag easily and help you out in a pinch. Just some of the essentials in this kit are: a stain remover, deodorant towelette, dental floss, and an emery board plus much much more. Positively a win for anyones stocking! Pinch Provisions Minimergancy Kit


Pursoma apres savasana soak

Trust me, if you have a yoga practitioner in your life you should pick a few of these up. The Pursoma Apres Savasana Soak is right up the yogis alley. Drawing from Ayurvedic and holistic medicine it claims to replenish nutrients, centre the mind and restore tranquility. All natural ingredients include grey sea salt, seaweed, juniper berry and frankincense essential oils. Adding even more zen after class!


envelope wallet

Every girl needs a tiny wallet for her clutch bag. We are usually carting around a massive, overflowing thing that has loyalty cards coming out in every direction. When you want to scale down for a night out, this tiny Envelope Wallet would work perfectly. I liked this oil slick, iridescent colour but it also comes in 12 different shades.


mini merry hand cream and lip balm

For the most part I have found Christmas themed lotions and balms are cute but have poor quality product inside. You end up just tossing it after a few tries because it is either ineffective or irritating to your skin. That is so not the case here with the Mini+Merry Hand Cream and the Mini+Merry Lip Balm. They are made by a reputable brand and have fantastic ingredients. Cocoa butter, jojoba and avocado oils in the hand cream. Shea butter and olive oil in the lip balm. So go ahead with confidence and enjoy the season with these quality themed products.



carry-on cocktail kit

A perfect stocking stuffer for the traveler. This Carry-On Cocktail Kit is TSA approved and all you need to add is the alcohol. Each kit makes two cocktails, ideal for sharing (or not!). When you’re done use the handy tin for some other treasures.

novel matchbook set

This is such a small and simple thing, but it is one of my favourite things out of the whole gift guide series. Fashioned after classic novels these matches make a cool, compact addition to the stocking. I love how they stack up in their little case and look just like mini books. Tiny things make me happy! Totally unexpected. Novel Matchbook Set.

Kalastyle Swedish dream soap and hand cream

This Kalastyle Swedish Dream Soap and Hand Cream Set is from an organic, eco-aware family business. Good for your skin and supporting good people all at the same time, bonus! The soap and cream are made with actual sea salt that is rich in minerals and help to soften the skin. Keeping your salty dogs man hands in check, Arrrr.


Native Union jump cable

Great if your just exchanging stockings with your significant other because admittedly it’s a bit of a pricey little gift. Having an extra power source when your away from the house is a life saver. You never have to worry about being out of reach with the Native Union Jump Cable.


H.Gillerman organic essential oils

Essential oils are a natural and effective way to cure what ails you. Offering a source of “naturally attainable wellbeing” and available in super convenient roller balls they are a great addition to your health care arsenal. With 8 different popular remedies to choose from, you will find a natural option for your minor health emergencies. H.Gillerman Organics Essential Oil


His or Hershis and hers stocking collage

A few beautiful extras that I felt could go either way. Who wouldn’t love a fancy peppermint hot chocolate, complete with snowflake marshmallows. The mint julep sugars were also irresistible to me too! The sugars are also available in Basil Gin and Old Fashioned. Saxon Chocolates Snowflake Marshmallows, Dick Taylor Peppermint Drinking Chocolate, and the Artisanal Cocktail Sugar Set.

Last but not least the Beauty Edition coming up next!