DIY Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum Update

Rachel and I are back with our DIY Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum Update, finally!! It’s been 3 whole months since our original post where we walked you through the making of the serum and showed you our before pictures. Originally we had planned on doing a 2 month update but a little something happened to Rachel right around that time…..

While doing a little clean up outside around her new house Rachel got a little too close to a bonfire and actually singed the tips of her lashes and brows right off! Have you ever had that happen to you? You’re left with lashes with little white dots on the end. Totally figures that would happen?! She was so worried that it was going to effect our little experiment she had to work up the nerve for two days to tell me about it. And of course, I was just glad that nothing more serious happened to her! It’s just a little something for you guys to keep in mind when checking out our before and after pictures.

The Serum

As far as the actual serum goes, there is a change to the mixture that I would recommend and will do myself on my second batch. I am going to omit the aloe vera gel for version 2.0. It separated from the oils and ended up just sitting at the bottom of the tube. It was mainly added for consistency in the first place, so if it’s not going to join the oil party and help with that then it can just leave, thank you very much. You reap more benefits from the oils anyways, so it’s not a huge loss.

Now let’s get on with the before and after pictures, then we’ll wrap it up with some final thoughts!

Before & After

Images on the left are before’s, images on the right are after’s 

Rachel’s Brows

Rachels eyebrows before and after

You can see a significant “fill in” under the arch of Rachel’s brows. And you could even say the brow itself is slightly denser all around. I did Rachel’s makeup after this shot and was able to give her a stronger, bolder brow by utilizing all that new growth!

Rachel’s Lashes

Rachels lashes before and after

Ok, so no big change here. Maybe even a tad shorter?? Let us not forget the bonfire incident! But, in saying that her lashes still look nice and healthy and lifted. Also the exact angle of the photo was challenging to duplicate. We tried!


My Brows

My eyebrows before and after

I can really see a difference in this picture!! The tail of my brow appears to have beefed up a lot and that was exactly what I wanted. I don’t notice a huge difference everyday when I look in the mirror. But, it really becomes apparent when I go to fill in my brows. Most days I just brush them up with a clear brow gel and I’m good to go. Or I’ll just add a touch of pencil along the lower part of my brow to tidy them up, slap on some brow gel and call it done. Where as before the serum, I did quite a bit more filling in.

My Lashes

My lashes before and after

Again nothing insane as far as results go. When looking at the pictures I could say maybe my lashes are denser and darker looking. In terms of length there is no real significant change. Much like my brows I notice the most difference when putting on my makeup. My lashes look longer and thicker after putting on mascara and I don’t seem to need as much.


DIY eyelash and eyebrow serum update - funny pic

Final Thoughts

Did we discover “the natural answer” to sparse brows and stubby eyelashes? No, probably not. Is there another natural answer out there today that is a miracle? Doubtful. If anything I think our serum works wonderfully to nourish and care for the lashes and brows that we currently have. And mayyybe it promotes a bit of growth too.

Over the last few months I have noticed positive changes to my brows and lashes, so for that reason I will definitely keep using the serum. The 2.0 version that is. So, I guess the experiment continues and I’m really excited to see more great results!

There are other avenues to explore that can give you some more guaranteed results:

Latisse is always an option if you’re desperately wanting longer lashes and thicker brows. But you would have to be willing to accept the potential side effects of using this prescription medication.

• Eyelash extensions give your lashes a mega temporary boost.

• Your eyebrows could get a fill-in with a little micro-blading. A brow tattoo technique that is blowing up in popularity.

You got options girl! xo