Blinc Amplified Mascara: My Everyday Mascara for An Everyday Look

Do you ever put your makeup on in the morning and start to already fantasize about taking it off? Things like ” if tightline my waterline then I’ll have to use a cleansing balm to take it off “. I do. My normal day to day life does not require me to have a full face of makeup, although I do love to slap it on once in awhile. So when I’m going for a natural everyday look ( like were talking just mascara, concealer and gloss), I don’t want to fuss around at the end of the day trying to remove it. That’s why I have been really digging Blinc Amplified Mascara.

It’s not your average mascara. It coats your lashes with a smudge-proof, flake-proof tube. It tubes them! Think of it as a sock that covers each individual lash. Eyelash socks! The Blinc Amplified Mascara is also a new formula for the brand, more volumizing and not as wet as its old counterpart, Blinc Mascara. Allowing you to build up coats after it dries, it applies like a traditional mascara. With a nice fat fibre brush, it really is lengthening and volumizing. It will give you a slight spidery lash effect, which I am into, but if that’s not your jam than consider yourself warned.

The absolute best, most fantastical part for me though is taking it off. The company claims that it is more gentle on your lashes than other mascaras because there is no scrubbing involved. All you have to do is get your warm water running and start giving your eyes a splash and a gently, gently rub in a downward motion. In a matter of seconds mascara tubes start easing off your lashes. There is no smearing or black rivulets running down your face. A-MA-ZING! Then the rest of your barely there makeup is easily removed with your face wash. No double cleansing, easy-peasy.

As a child of the 80’s it reminds me of Tinkerbell nail polish. Anybody remember that? It was a peel-off polish. I would put that on and patiently wait for it to dry only to peel it off. I couldn’t help myself! In a way this mascara gives me all those feelings from my early beauty days. But now I can wait till the end of the day for that sweet satisfaction.

Give this a go and tell me how you make out!

Also available at Sephora