MAC Cult Favourites Review

When I was younger MAC was the cool girl makeup. When it hit the scene there really wasn’t anything else like it that you could buy in store, at least not here on the Island anyways. And in those days (that makes me sound old) online shopping was pretty much nonexistent. There was no Sephora or Ulta, you either had the department store or the drugstore. But even though it was so popular I never really got into it. I think it was because I had heard horror stories of the foundation reeking havoc on teenage acne prone skin. And also I simply couldn’t afford it back then.

So, I guess you could say that it fell off my makeup radar. Especially since Sephora came rolling into town on its gilded chariot to rescue all of the makeup deprived. But there were always those few MAC products that I kept hearing about. Those cult favourites that would show up on beauty blogs over and over again started to wear me down. So the other day I headed down to my local MAC store and picked six of some of MAC’s most sought after products.

MAC favourites

I purchased shades that are super popular and that would also work with my skin tone. I was super excited to see what all the fuss was about and if these products could live up to the hype!

MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation

MAC studio face and body foundation

I really, I mean really like this foundation. I am aware that I could probably use more coverage than this sheer to medium foundation provides but I really don’t care. My skin still looks like my skin but better, with the foundation being almost undetectable. It feels super lightweight and moisturizing without being oily or tacky feeling and it doesn’t settle into any fine lines! An absolutely perfect summer time foundation.

My favourite way to apply it is with a foundation brush or my fingers. In my experience a damp sponge absorbs too much of this water based makeup and you end up wasting a lot of product.

I do recommend that you let this foundation set and dry down before you finish with a setting powder. Only because it remains a bit slippy for a few minutes and your powder brush could move it around a bit. I do like to powder my T-zone when wearing this because it can be a little too dewy otherwise.

I would recommend this foundation to anyone with dry or combo skin who is looking for a lightweight, sheer foundation. If you have extremely oily skin this might not be the one for you.

Lustre Lipstick in Syrup

MAC lustre lipstick in syrup

One of my favourite beauty bloggers Fleur DeForce has talked about this lipstick for years. She claims that it’s one of those no fail shades that will look good on just about everyone. And you know what? I think she’s right. It’s nothing bold or statement worthy, just a very wearable subtle dusty pink.

As flattering as the shade is, one of my favourite things about it is the formula. It has a very juicy appearance on the lips and feels very comfortable and moisturizing. I will be heading back to MAC to check out more of the colours in the Lustre range because damn it’s nice!

Syrup is definitely a hand-bag-shade that applies very easily without too much fussing around. Love it!

MAC makeup

Eyeshadow in WoodWinked

MAC eyeshadow in woodwinked

I know I said earlier that I never really got into MAC when I was younger. Well I kinda lied. I did buy or was gifted a few things back in the day. I got my first set of makeup brushes for my birthday?? from MAC and I also got WoodWinked. But that was it. I do remember loving this eyeshadow and so when I saw it on a MAC cult favourites list I gave my younger self a mental pat on the back. Atta girl, always picking those dope shades.

It was good then and it’s still good now. A highly pigmented, easy to work with shadow in a terrific shade. It’s a very warm coppery bronze with a gold sheen. In the picture above it’s the only eyeshadow I’m wearing. All over the lid, blended up into the crease and then smudged into the lower lash line. I think it is the perfect shadow for a quick, bronzy, subtle smokey eye!

Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterlypainterly paint pot and syrup lipstick swatches MAC

Long touted as the mother of all eyeshadow bases, MAC’s paint pots have a lot to live up to. Painterly is a shade that would suit most fair to medium skin tones when used as an eyeshadow base. Meaning you’re using it to even out eyelid discolouration and to prep the lids for budge-proof shadow. It’s like a concealer for your eyelids, basically. It looks quite pinky on the swatch above but looked more beige to me on the lid. Although not noticeable, the pink undertone could have an overall brightening effect to the eye area if worn alone, which is nice. I for one have used it as a base for WoodWinked everyday for the last week.

I do think it evens out my eyelids nicely and my shadow has been staying on all day without creasing too. So it’s great, but I do also think you can get the same result with a little concealer and setting powder as well. It’s just not a product that I will use as part of my everyday makeup routine. But it will come in handy and save a step when I’m going for a more full on eyeshadowy look.

Bottom line is you don’t neeeeed this, but it’s nice.

∗ swatch above is of Painterly paint pot and Syrup lipstick

Mineralize SkinFinish in Soft & Gentle

mineralize skin finish in soft and gentle

A holy grail highlighter for a countless number of beauty enthusiasts, Soft & Gentle was a top priority on my list. It’s claim to fame is that it’s a natural looking champagne highlight that will work for everybody. Even those who are new to the highlight game.

I do agree, this is an exceptional highlighter that stays true to its name. It’s soft, it’s gentle, it’s not overpoweringly pigmented and remains fairly natural looking on the skin. It has a glisten to it that mimics the look of healthy, glowing skin. But that being said I do think that you could come close to this kind of glow at a much more affordable price point. Highlighters have come a long way since the launch of soft & gentle and many drug store brands have some beautiful options.

I’m not mad at it though and do think it’s worth the purchase if it’s in your budget. As for me I will continue happily highlighting myself with this until I glow like a disco ball.

Prep & Prime Fix +

MAC prep and prime fix +

A lot of you may think that this makeup setting spray trend is silly, but I kind of love it. For someone like me who usually requires a powder to prevent looking oily throughout the day and who also has fine lines that the powder settles into, these sprays have been a godsend. It takes away the powdery look to my makeup which can be really aging. And they also are phenomenal for refreshing my makeup part way through the day.

I have tried a few that I love, one from GlamGlow and a First Aid Beauty one as well. Also just straight up rose-water can work well. The biggest difference I’ve noticed in sprays specifically geared towards setting makeup compared to spray toners is the delivery system. MAC Fix+ and the GlamGlow spray for instance have a wonderful fine mist that doesn’t disturb all your hard makeup work. Where as a rose-water spray may shoot out a little more harshly and leave you looking a bit splotchy.

As for the formula of Fix+, it’s nice. But I believe the major key here when looking for a setting spray is 100% the delivery. So head to MAC or Sephora and look for ingredients that you like and also what you want out of your spray. Do you want it to keep your makeup matte? Or do you want added hydration? Then spritz those demos everywhere and look for one with a nice even and fine mist.

Bottom line – you don’t necessarily need Fix +, but if you are a makeup junkie you gotta at least try a setting spray as your finishing touch.

I hope you enjoyed this MAC Cult Favourites Review! Let me know in the comments below if you have any must haves from MAC! xo