My Journey To Clear Skin – Part Three – Clean Makeup

Clean Makeup – part three of My Journey To Clear Skin series has finally arrived! Sorry for the delay, but I really wanted to test out my chosen “clean” makeup products in many different ways to be able to give you guys a thorough review of each one.

Now, I think the term clean makeup can be a bit of a grey area. It probably means different things to different people depending on what you’re looking for. In my case my criteria was to find face products that are free of known skin irritants like parabens, harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives etc, etc. In the hopes that this would be kinder to my skin and cause less breakouts. The cleaner and more natural the better really, but I still wanted makeup that would perform well and look good on the skin.

I have found a few amazing products and a few not so amazing products on my journey so far. But before we start, I have to mention that under all but one of these products I wear a physical block sunscreen. Meaning a sunscreen with titanium dioxide and zinc as opposed to a chemical formulation sunscreen. This does effect the wear of most makeup that I apply on top, which makes this makeup task even more of a challenge. So, if you don’t wear a physical sunscreen under your makeup (personally I think you should!) then you might get a bit of a different result than me. Just FYI.  Anyways, enough chatter, let’s get on with the products!

Juice Beauty spf 30 tinted moisturizer

Juice Beauty SPF 30 Tinted Mineral Moisturizer 

I bought this thinking that it would be great to find an all natural, chemical free sunblock and tinted moisturizer in one. Something that would check off a few steps at once and offer a nice light coverage for everyday wear. Sounds ideal doesn’t it?! And I so wanted it to be the one, but unfortunately it was so not.

First of all, there is basically no coverage with this tinted moisturizer. My guess is that the tint is just there to prevent the white cast that you can sometimes get with a zinc based sunscreen. Secondly, it was beyond moisturizing to the point of “I just applied a fist full of oil to my face”. Not the look that I’m after. However, it did dry down after a few minutes and I was then able to apply a tinted powder (I’ll fill you in on which one later) over top. It ended up looking passable, but still not the level of coverage that I was after. This is now going to be my most expensive neck and chest sunscreen to date I do believe. Not a total fail, but not a win either.

I do think this product could work for someone who is extremely dry. It has really amazing clean ingredients that are super beneficial to the skin. One to give a go if you have mature, dry skin and that doesn’t require coverage.

∗ this was the one product that I didn’t wear my normal sunscreen under. It has a good amount of a mineral sunscreen in it already and is formulated as such.  I bought mine at my local Whole Foods in the shade Sand.

RMS un cover-up and RMS tinted un-powder

RMS “UN” Cover-Up & RMS Tinted “UN” Powder

The RMS products are the cleanest of the bunch that I tested. Basically the cover-up consists of coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, beeswax and organic colourants. And the powder is made up of silica, mica and organic colourants. That’s it, pretty amazing really. I’m already a huge fan of the RMS living luminizer ( I’ll link a post where I rave about it here), so I had high hopes for these guys.

I watched a few tutorials on the RMS website about the cover-up and was convinced by the RMS creator (Rose-Marie Swift) that I needed the Skin2Skin foundation brush for the most flawless finish. So I purchased that too, of course.

“UN” Cover-Up

My first attempt using the cover-up with the brush did not go very well. I found that it really settled into my pores along the sides of my nose giving me a “polka dot” pore situation. It also clung to any dry patches that I had, accentuating them and making them even more noticeable. This seemed strange given that it’s mostly oil based. You would think that it would be nourishing to the skin and almost melt in.

My next attempt was better. I ditched the brush and went in with my fingers to blend. Hoping that the warmth of my hands would help to blend the product a little nicer. It was a slow process because the product is very thick and concentrated, so it took a loooong time to blend out. Not something that I want to spend forever doing in the morning. And although the final result was better than the first time, I still had polka dot pores. And if your thinking ” Alana, what about using a beauty blender?”, just know it’s a disaster. More of the product gets stuck to the sponge than your face.

A funny thing that I did notice on days when I wore this was that my makeup looked better after a couple of hours. Maybe it just took awhile to “melt” into my skin or maybe it wore off a bit? Whatever the reason it just doesn’t cut it for a foundation for me. It works ok under the eyes or on spots as a concealer, but as an all over face product it gets a pass from me.

Tinted “UN” Powder

I do like this powder, just not over the un cover-up. When used together it seemed to cling to the cover-up and make my already accentuated dry patches even worse. Holy hell! I was not impressed with this combo. But over the Juice Beauty SPF for example it worked really well to bring down my mega watt shine. It’s a very fine powder that doesn’t look overly powdery or chalky. I like it so much in fact that it’s now my everyday powder, if my T-zone requires it. And I couldn’t be happier to have found an ultra clean powder option for my routine!

∗ I purchased my RMS products from the Sephora website. Shade 22 for the un cover-up and shade 2-3 for the un powder. I linked the actual RMS website above in case you wanted a little more info about the brand.

Jane Iredale Glow Time BB cream

Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream

Boy, oh boy this one took a lot of fiddle faffing around to get to work! I think I was convinced for some reason or another that this BB cream was best applied with fingertips or a brush. Why I do not know. And I struggled to make it work that way until it finally dawned on me to use my beauty blender – hits self on forehead.

With the beauty blender sponge this foundation goes on so beautifully and leaves a full coverage, flawless finish. You need the tiniest, itty bittiest amount for your whole face. It’s actually really shocking how far this product stretches. I still need to remind myself not to squeeze too much out. If I do and apply too much it can settle into fine lines throughout the day and appear a little cakey later on. But when applied sparingly, it has a glowy perfected finish that I have never seen before in a BB cream. I can see why they call it Glow Time!  I don’t feel the need to set it with a powder and don’t get too shiny throughout the day. It’s an amazing product for when I want a full coverage look and has quickly become a favourite!

∗ I found the Jane Iredale makeup line at Sante Spa, my shade is BB6. It’s a bit on the light side, so I would go one shade darker to BB7 for summer.

Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB cream

Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream

I’ve saved the best and most affordable product for last! This organic BB cream is absolutely amazing and I can’t believe that it’s been sitting in the drugstore this whole time! As the name suggests it’s a beauty balm that offers many benefits to the skin as well as a very respectable light to medium coverage. It has a nice level of moisture without looking greasy and a light dusting of setting powder over top will prolong the wear for the day. You can apply this any which way you want, brush, fingers or beauty blender. Whatever application technique you fancy, it always turns out looking beautiful. It feels comfortable and light on the skin and doesn’t settle into pores or lines. It really is that no-fuss everyday product that I’ve been looking for. It’s the one for me and I whole heartedly recommend it!

I purchased mine at London Drugs in the shade Light/Medium

I hope that you enjoyed my Journey to Clear Skin Series! If you missed parts 1 & 2, I’ll link them below for you! I think I’ll do a little wrap up post soon on what’s changed since I started and how I plan to continue from here. There might be a little reintroducing of foods or scaling back on skincare in the future. I’ll keep you posted! xo

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