My Top 3 Workout Go-To’s

For the last few years I have tried what feels like a hundred different types of workouts. Everything from hot yoga, regular yoga, running, swimming, pilates, lifting, yada yada the list is long! I like to switch it up pretty often, it keeps things fun and its cool to try new things. As an added bonus it also keeps your body guessing which helps to build new muscle.

One thing that I always have in the mix are at home workouts. You know for the days when you can’t get your self together enough to be part of society, they fit the bill. There is so much out there online to have a super effective, variety filled workout sometimes I think what’s the point in the gym? All you need is a little equipment and a computer and your set.

Now having said all that there is something to be said for a little human interaction. When I’m feeling like I need to get out of my house or I will explode the gym is a good bet. They have people there. I do need to have somewhat of a plan in place though or I will walk in and end up half-assing it and that is a huge waste of time.

So whether you are working out at home or in the gym I would love to share with you some of my favourite things I have found that have helped me “get the most out of my work outs” ( quoted from Leandro Carvalho, Brazil Butt Lift guy).

fitness-blenderFitness Blender

If your framiliar with the world of youtube workout channels then you have probably heard of fitness blender. Run by Kelli and Daniel Segars it is an extremely popular channel with over 2.5 million subscribers. And for good reason. They have countless full length videos of a very wide variety. You will be walked through each exercise, it truly feels like you have your own personal trainer guiding you through your computer screen. There are also a lot of workouts with weights, which I love. So if you have some weights kicking around you can put them to good use with these videos. These are my go to workouts when I’m not sure what to do that day. I have loved every single one that I have done, so if you haven’t checked them out then you definitely should. Find them on youtube!

workout-labs printable

















Workout Labs have these handy dandy little illustrations on Pinterest of fantastic, kick your butt workout routines. All of them include reps and sets so there is no second guessing. They have workouts like “Legs and Bum day” or “Muffin Top Blaster” just to name a few. Perfect for at home if I’m in the mood to blast my own music. Or if your at the gym you will feel like a fitness pro with these little babies on your phone.



Brazil Butt Lift

Even this title still makes me giggle. I usually don’t get sucked in to infomercials, but with Brazil Butt Lift I got roped in big time. My friend Rachel and I were in Hawaii many moons ago and we were up late watching tv. I don’t know if it was because we are Canadian and they do not have this infomercial back home or what but we had never seen or heard of this before. So many ladies with beautiful backsides were singing the praises of this DVD set. At first it was funny but the more I watched the more I thought “I NEED THIS!”. Needless to say I ordered it when we got home.

So fast forward give or take 5 years and I still use these DVDs. If you want something fun (taught by a guy with a great accent) that will work your glutes then look no further. Like your bum will be sore in ways that are hard to describe, which is a good thing! I personally find it hard to isolate my glute muscles with regular workouts, my legs seem to want to do all the work. But with these workouts its all about that butt.

The set comes with a “booty band” which is used in the high and tight routine, its a resistance band that really helps to target your booty. There is a great dance cardio workout, a sculpt workout that uses weights, and the killer “bum bum” workout. Which is pronounced boom boom, meaning your bum in Brazilian or just according to Leandro, I’m not entirely sure??

The bottom line, pun intended, you will love this.

So there you have it! I use these go-to workouts again and again, with great success. Give them a try! xo