New at the Drugstore – Lash Paradise Mascara

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted! This summer has got me feeling a bit scattered and a bit awesome all at the same time. Kids are off school, the weather is finally amazing and life takes on a whole new rhythm. It’s an adjustment, but a good one. I’m going to try my very best to post weekly throughout the summer, but TBH it might not always be possible. For the majority of the summer I will be out of range of Wi-Fi, which is great for reconnecting to the real world, but not so great for keeping a blog up and running. I do have some awesome summer posts planned so I won’t be completely MIA, but I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop! Ok, so enough babble, let’s get into why your really here. Lashes!

Lashes make such a huge difference to an everyday look. They help us look awake and pulled together with very minimal effort and skill required. And once you find a good mascara that checks all your boxes – i.e. volume, lift, curl, separation it quickly becomes a staple in your makeup bag. I recently tried a much raved about mascara that I think could be the most perfect one I’ve tried to date. So, if your current mascara isn’t fulfilling your eyelash dreams then this one might just do it for you!

 Lash Paradise Mascara

loreal lash paradise

L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise has been the talk of mascara town since its release a few weeks ago. I managed to grab the last two on the display at my local drugstore (one for me and one for Rachel), so I believe the hype has spread beyond the makeup obsessed. It has been compared to another very popular mascara – the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (cringe worthy name, wicked product). Not only is the outside packaging very similar – both come in a light pink tube. The formula and brush are also almost exactly the same. However, the biggest difference between the two is the price – with the Too Faced Mascara coming in at $30 and the Lash Paradise at around $10 (depending on where you buy).

lash paradise brush

Being the proud owner of both brands I can honestly say that I prefer the Lash Paradise. The brush itself is slightly thinner than the BTS brush and that really makes a huge difference for application. It’s just so much easier to get every lash from the inside to outside corners coated in mascara. Giving you amazingly full lashes. Here’s a before and after pic from the side:

before and after lash paradise

As you can see you get amazing lift, curl and volume. And BTW this is without curling my lashes. Now here’s a straight on view:

lash paradise lashes

Bam! That is a full lash, don’t ya think?! After just one coat they are practically rubbing up against my in-serious-need-of-grooming eyebrows. And after a full day of wear I had no serious issues with smudging or flaking at all. My final verdict on this mascara is that I LOVE it and you should get it, get it now and thank me later when you’re in paradise!  xo