Setting Yourself Up For Fitness Success, Again?

Have you ever started something new and it completely derailed your routine? Finding your groove again can be a challenge and often we are not kind to ourselves about that. Mentally beating yourself up about not going to the gym for a week (or a year) will not help you finally go. Sometimes you have to focus on other things for a while, like a new job or moving or whatever it is. And that’s ok, that’s how life goes. It’s impossible to do it all, all the time.

Since starting my blog I have let my fitness slide. I had no idea of all the ins and outs of blogging and there has been a steep learning curve that seems endless to me at this point. It’s scary, it’s daunting but it is also very exciting. Emotionally it’s a rollercoaster and all my free time has been going in to learning how to do this. I’m at a point now where I am ready to make fitness a priority again and set myself up with a schedule so I can live the life I envisioned when I started my blog.

Starting with a plan is a necessity for me, so whether you’re starting again or starting from scratch, hopefully you can use these steps to set yourself up for success!

Be Kind to yourself

This is the most important step. I had to focus on my blog to get it going. Sure I could have kept working out at the same time but I think I would have overwhelmed myself. Not good. Now that I have somewhat of a handle on it, it’s go time.

Whatever it was that took you away from your goal needed to be done. You had to experience it, even if it was sitting on the couch after work for a month. Maybe your body or emotional well-being needed that, it doesn’t matter what it was, it’s in the past. There is absolutely no reason to go over all the whys, you need to be in the present moment with yourself. Forgive yourself and love yourself and then start crushing your goal.

Start with Reasonable Goals

Don’t go all crazy and say “I’m gonna work out everyday, no excuses” this will not last and you’ll just end up setting yourself up for failure. Make a reasonable schedule that you could see yourself sticking with for a long time. What works well for me is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday workout schedule, with a hike or something socially active one day on the weekend. It has flexibility, it’s not everyday and it has the potential to last.

Make A Schedule

Actually writing down a schedule in your weekly planner will make you more likely to actually do it. Take it as seriously as a work commitment. If you have to move things around a bit during the week, that’s ok, just make sure you fit that time in somewhere else.

Make it Fun

When starting again with a fitness routine I like to start with something new. My plan is to start with some boxing fitness classes that a friend of mine introduced me to before I started going all out blogging. I loved the class and am really excited to get after it again. Having something that you enjoy and are looking forward to will make the whole process more fun. So try some new things out for the first little while and find the thing that speaks to you!

It doesn’t matter how many times you stop and start, life is like that, it ebbs and flows. So just go with it, don’t fight it. Accepting that you don’t have to be everything all the time will make you a much happier camper.