The Ultimate Poached Egg Hack

Here’s a little known fact about me – I love poached eggs but I’m absolutely horrible at making them. No matter what technique I’ve tried they have never come out the way I like them. Actually, for the most part they don’t come out at all. I usually wind up with completely separated eggs in a pot of hot water that just gets tossed. Which, when you’re hungry and craving poached eggs is a major letdown.

This kitchen pity party all changed about a year ago when I found the ultimate poached egg hack on one of my favourite foody blogs – Pinch of Yum. It has so completely changed my egg making game that I just had to share it with you guys!

Let’s get into how it’s done!

mason jar rings for poached eggs

The most crucial bit for perfectly poached eggs – medium size mason jar rings. These are the magic little helpers that will keep your eggs from flying all over the shop.

shallow pan for poached eggs

Another key piece is a shallow pan. You’ll want to fill this up with water just enough to cover your mason jar rings. Any more would be unnecessary and take way longer to bring to a boil. At this stage (before it boils) I usually add a splash of white vinegar to the water too. Just to be extra sure that my eggs stay together.

ultimate poached egg hack

Once the water is boiling, pop in the rings and turn off the heat. Next, crack eggs into the rings and cover with a tight-fitting lid. I like my poached eggs fairly soft with runny yolks, so I let them poach for just 4 minutes. You’ll probably want to experiment with times until you achieve your perfect level of poached.

slotted spatula poached eggs

When the four minutes is up remove the eggs from the water using a slotted spatula. Giving it a few turns to drain any excess water away.

removing poached eggs from rings

Next, run a knife along the edge of the egg to release it from the ring. Lastly, gently ease the egg out of the ring with little nudges from your knife. Now you should have the most perfectly poached eggs you’ve ever seen!

the ultimate poached egg hack

My favourite way to enjoy poached eggs is on avocado toast. It’s an easy, quick and delicious meal to make for lunch or a quick dinner for one!

I hope this post helps all my fellow poached egg strugglers out there!

Check out the video and recipe on Pinch of Yum here. You will see a way fancier version of this hack and avocado toast recipe! xo