My Thoughts On Thinx – Period Positive Underwear

Right off the bat I’m going to put a TMI ALERT on this post. If you’re not interested in period talk, then just look away now. I promise I won’t be offended cause I won’t even know!  But if you’ve been wondering about the latest in period product advancements, namely Thinx underwear, then read on girl!

I’ve been using Thinx underwear for about the last six months and they have literally changed my period life! If you’re unfamiliar with this whole underwear phenomenon then let me fill you in. They are basically absorbent underwear that you can wear instead of or with other forms of period protection (like a tampon or diva cup). And unlike other re-useable period protection options, they are thin, light-weight, comfortable and totally leak-proof when used as suggested.

As for Thinx as a brand they are very body and period positive, obvi. They are removing stigmas and taboos about a very natural process which is something I can get behind 100%. With organizations in place to help women around the world period positively and more confidently.

thinx underwear - cheeky

I have three pairs all together – two hip-huggers and one cheeky pair. I just cycle through them during my period, washing and drying as I go. They totally feel like regular underwear, just with slightly thicker fabric. That is honestly the only real difference in terms of what they are like on. As for leaks, I haven’t had a single one, no joke.

thinx underwear - hip-hugger

If I’m not wearing them when I’m out and about then they are the first thing I whip on when I get home. As for sleeping in them, fohgeddaboudit, I have had the most comfortable sleeps ever in my period life thus far. There is this freedom that comes along with them that is unparalleled with other period options. Not having to worry about my tampon has been my ultimate period game changer!

Who Will Love Them

• if you’re someone who is comfortable with letting “things” flow naturally

• you want to cut down on waste products

• if you are currently using other re-useable pads that are bulky and uncomfortable

Who Will Not Love Them

• ladies who are diehard tampon users that prefer their period out of sight

• if you’re not comfortable feeling the period “drop”

• if you simply don’t have time to wash and hang dry undies every month

thinx grapefruit image

Personally I love them, as I’m sure you gathered! Thanks to them I am now totally comfortable letting my period do it’s natural flowy thang. I actually feel more attuned with my body in general since I started using Thinx.

Previously, I just stoppered myself up until my period was all over without a second thought. Now I’m more aware of my period process, which to some, may not be a good thing. But for me it’s like I’ve finally embraced my period as a natural process instead of thinking of it as a burden. And that period acceptance has made each one easier and more life affirming in a way. Kinda strange, I know, but as I approach middle age I’m realizing that my period will come to an end one day. So why not celebrate the fact that my body is vital and capable of creating life instead of wishing my period away every month.

Funny how acceptance makes everything in life easier, including your period! xo