Top 5 Shower Habits

Showering. Ya gotta do it. And for me I love a good shower. Whether you need one to get your butt in gear in the morning or to help you unwind at night, it is the ultimate reset button. Now as wonderful as they are if you are anything like me you may have a lot to accomplish in there. A relaxing and ritual filled experience. Here are my top five tips for you to amp up your shower game.

• Shampoo Wet Condition Dry

My hair stylist once told me that you should shampoo your hair when it is really, really wet. I know your like um….. we know, but bear with me. Leave your hair completely drenched. You will notice you get a lot more lather out of your shampoo with a lot less product. The opposite goes for conditioner. Wring that sucker out, gently. Getting your hair as dry as you can will help your conditioner soak into hair much more effectively. I have been loving AG Thikk shampoo and conditioner recently, they smell amazing, are salon quality, and add some oomph to my fine hair. Available here.

• Foot File Often

Using your foot file to smooth your tootsies about 2-3 times per week will prevent callouses and keep your feet extremely soft. Going to town on them once a month will only encourage your callouses to come back with gusto. Filing for just a short amount of time (like one minute per foot tops) more often will leave you with baby feet 24/7!

• Exfoliating

Nothing gets your skin glowing better than a good ol’ scrub down. My recent discovery of exfoliating gloves ( available at most drug stores)  has made this step even more enjoyable. Just add your favourite body wash and exfoliating has never been easier or more fun. It’s a must as a pre-shave ritual for an extra close shave and smooth as silk legs. They make exfoliating your back a piece of cake (with no body scrub escaping your grip)  and will help to keep your back clear of any bumps. Also available here.

• Wash Your Bod And Face Last

This is a good tip to keep in mind if you suffer from a skin condition, particularly acne. If you rinse the conditioner from your hair as your last step in the shower the oils from the conditioner will be left on your skin . So best to rinse out your hair then go in with your body and face wash to make sure your skin is free of any conditioner residue. This has made a big difference with keeping the skin on my back nice and clear. My favorite body wash of all time is the Almond Shower Oil from L’Occitane. Yes, it sounds like an oil, but its not. It is a silky gel that turns into a creamy lather and leaves your skin soft and moisturized. Definitely a splurge, but worth every penny. Perfect for shaving and works brilliantly with my exfoliating gloves. Available here.

• Moisturizing Damp Skin

After all that washing and scrubbing you should be feeling clean, clean, clean! Your skin also can dry up fast! So to lock in that moisture you will want to apply a moisturizer while your skin is still damp. When you get out of the shower pat skin dry gently to get the bulk of the water off and then work your favourite lotion into your skin. Your skin will soak up the benefits and will stay softer for much longer.

Happy Showering!